Avoiding Interstitial Condensation in Retrofits - hygrothermal assessment at its best! - London

18th Apr 2018

On 18th April 2018 (the day before I'm teaching Wufi Pro) I will be talking to building design professionals and builders (homeowners welcome too) about my recent findings on what stresses solid walls. If you'd like to be less stressed about your specifications please join me for 3.5 hours

Papers I will be referring to are:
1) 'Moisture in buildings: an integrated approach to risk assessment and guidance' (2017) by Neil May and Chris Sanders.
(available at: https://shop.bsigroup.com/Browse-by-Sector/Building--Construction/Whitep...)

2) 'Hygrothermal Risk Evaluation for the Retrofit of a Typical Solid-walled Dwelling' (2016), by Benat Arregi and Joseph Little, published in SDAR* Journal 
(available at: http://arrow.dit.ie/sdar/vol4/iss1/3/)

3) 'Technical Paper 15 - Assessing risks in insulation retrofits using hygrothermal software tools - Heat and moisture transport in internally insulated stone walls' (2015), by Joseph Little, Benat Arregi and Calina Ferraro, published by Historic Environment Scotland.
(available at: https://www.historicenvironment.scot/archives-and-research/publications/...

The Green Register has a special offer for those attending the talk on airtightness the same day: follow link to their website below.

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