The Green Register - An excellent UK organisation providing training for construction professionals:

Passive House Plus magazine - the successor to Construct Ireland:

Responsible Retrofit Guidance Wheel - depicts more than 50 measures that can be used for the retrofitting or refurbishing of traditional buildings. It encourages exploration of the measures’ advantages, concerns about their performance and possible interactions between them. 'Behind' the wheel is a large library of peer-reviewed texts identified in STBA's 'Responsible Retrofit' knowledge gap study. (

"Many substantial building problems (including health problems) are caused by excessive or insufficient moisture. And yet we have very little research in the UK on moisture in buildings, a lack of good guidance, and minimal public and industry understanding. The UK Centre for Moisture in Buildings has been set up to address these issues".

Greengauge - is a building & engineering consultancy in the west of England specialising in sustainable, low energy design ( Joseph Little advises them on hygrothermal risk evaluation assessments.